Strelok Pro Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Ballistics Part II: Strelok Pro- Field capable ballistics calculator.

Please SUBSCRIBE! In this video we look at the Strelok Pro app on iPhone. I'll cover the basics as this program is amazing and we don't have time to cover ...

Strelok + Ballistic app.

Strelok + learn how to use the Ballistic app while hunting calculate a fast firing solution for a first round impact on your target.

SharpshootingUK discuss istrelok, the iPhone ballistics app

2014 edit: the new version of this, Strelok PRO is my choice of the last few years. It has advanced features such as spin drift and aero jump, plus a nice ...

Strelok Ballistic Calculator

Available for ipod, iphone, ipad, and Android. My FaceBook ~~ My Instagram ...

Strelok - Phone Savvy App Review

A review of a ballistics calculator called Strelok. This is a very useful app for the avid or average marksman.


Tutorial da versão para Android do Programa de Cálculos balísticos Strelok.

Ballistic Calculators for Long Range Shooting - Range Cards Tutorial Part 2

In this video I introduce a very capable alternative for the Range Cards. Strelok Pro and the WeatherFlow Windmeter, when used together, become a formidable ...

Strelok Plus Review | The Shooters Friend (1080p)

My Twitch Page for Streaming | My Page for Streaming | Scott & Brendo + Carry on (The song ...

Weatherflow working with strelok pro

Just a quick show of how the Bluetooth weatherflow works with strelok pro to be used for long range shooting.

Como configurar el App Strelok . Teoria balistica para disparar a mas de 1000 metros

En este video les traigo la aplicación strelok la cual es una calculadora balística en cierta forma. vamos a ver cómo configurarla. También discuto en teoría que ...

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